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Social Media

"Harness the power of social media today to reach a target market like never before in ways you've never believed possible."

Social Media Will Improve Traffic To Your Website

Simply put - you can't have one without the other.

Ensure that you have a technically brilliant website before embarking on a social media strategy.
  1. Social media posts can be used to drive targeted traffic.
    As an example you create a great new page on your website and want the world to know about it. So in much the same way as you created that selfie while you were ziplining down the Elgin Valley, you know the one you immediately posted to Instagram right? You take your brand new web page which you created, create a brilliant post with appropriate links on Facebook and VOILA - the clicks begin!

  2. By using social media for business, you can boost your website's SEO (search engine optimisation).
    By design, search engine crawlers monitor your website and instinctively know which of your website's pages are consistently earning traffic and those which are simply hanging about out there doing lots of nothing. Here's where content is king people. Plan your content strategy like an ace to drive traffic to your optimised pages and watch the magic happen.

  3. Connect with industry leaders & consumers by relationship building.

  4. Your social media users are reading what you have to say.
    Your messages are generating great website traffic when you link to your site. Remember your users and followers are sharing posts so this translates into great brand awareness already.

  5. Invest in social media ads for target marketing.
    Because of the highly customisable nature of social media ads you are able to target your ads to suit your target market. 

  6. Improve your product/service delivery.
    The increased speed at which you can improve any issues with your product or service delivery cannot be equalled.

  7. Brand loyalty in the market place.
    There is no better way to build a strong following and brand loyalty by engaging your clients on a constant basis.

  8. Keep ahead of your competition. Social media provides you with a perfect platform to stay ahead of your competition. Most brands are using more than one social media platform to promote their brand/business so get ahead of the pack.

  9. Social media marketing = more sales.
    FACT: 70% of business-to-consumer marketers have acquired customers through Facebook.
    FACT: 84% of CEOs and VPs say they use social media to help make purchasing decisions?

    It makes sense to keep your brand out there on social media where the decision makers are. Offer incentives and specials and watch your business grow.

  10. Customers you didn’t know existed will find you.
    In the process of marketing with Facebook, you’ll probably join a ton of groups related to your products, industry and customer base. By posting links in these groups, you’ll help influence customers to check out your site.