Some Questions To Expect When You Decide To Have A New Website Built

Some Questions To Expect When You Decide To Have A New Website Built

When starting a new website build project, it's important to the final and successful outcome of your project that we have all of the necessary information from you, our client, to ensure that the final product meets your expectations. Here are just some aspects you should consider prior to embarking on your new website project. Any web design agency worth their salt will be using these guidelines below and a lot more to ensure the success of your project:
  1. Goals and objectives:
    We will want to know the purpose, goal and objectives of your new website. What is the message you wish to communicate to your audience?
  2. Target audience:
    You will need to provide a guideline of your target website audience, their demographics, interests and behaviours.
  3. Competitor websites:
    We will ask you to provide us with a list of at least 3 of your competitor websites and ask you to list your specific likes and dislikes of those websites. It's important for us to know why you consider those websites/businesses your competition.
  4. Content:
    A list of all content which you will be providing us for inclusion in the new website  prior to the project start date in the correct formats which will be provided to you (e.g. products, services, blog posts, case studies, etc).
  5. Design preferences:
    We will ask you for your design preferences again with website examples (three to five website urls) and to provide us with company branding, typography and imagery if that is available.
  6. Functionality requirements:
    You will need to tell us what features and functions your website needs to perform for you e.g. blogs. contact forms, an online shop etc.
  7. Technical requirements:
    Subject to your functionality required we will need to determine 3rd party integrations in the planning of your website which will be discussed and added to your project scoping.
  8. Timeline and budget:
    One of the most important aspects and one which is unavoidable is BUDGET and TIMELINES. We must have a baseline budget from you prior to quoting as it is impossible to provide you with an accurate quote without a baseline budget.
    A timeline is a must as we need to know how to queue your project.

By providing us with this basic information upfront, we would be able to provide you with an idea of what your costs will be but a final quotation will be provided after all functionalities and website content etc have been finalized.

There is definitely no "one size fits all" in the business of website development so choose wisely and make sure that you work with an agency that cares about your money the same way you do.

Above all - be realistic.

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